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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

oh n00!!!!!! exam

minggu depan exam... tkutnyer,,
first exam form three.. hopefully, i can do the best and capai target yg aku wat bru nie..

Monday, February 14, 2011

what a STRESS-ful day!!

arghh!! i really hate this day.. hate,hate,hate,hate......... today, the pum members need to finish all the stuff needed for pum convension this april. the advisor for pum gave us a lot of work last minute!!! is it logical?? then, i had a practice for talentime nite..... how i'm going to manage all these things in a day?? anyone out there, plizz help me?? anyone, who can cheer up my day today... i need someone to lean on the shoulders...

at this time, i really miss my family... mama, papa... I MISS YOU...

act!v!ty week!!

this year, the activity week were very happenning, especially to us, form three students of mjsc kuala krai.. this is our last activity week together and this is the right time for us to enjoy bcoz for the next activity week in sem2, we cannot join... in that time, we need to focus on our study to face the big battle, PMR....

14 february 2011,
all the form three student are required to play the tradisional game, in kelantan we call it "decok ambak"... huhuhu.. what a funny name right? but it is really a good and a best game i've ever played... the date also were the bufday of salsabila, shahiera and rafiuddin... love you guys so much..
i can't wait for 16 february where, that night we will have a talentime nite with the GEC's... that night maybe will be a memorable night to all form three students or we call our batch, ELEGEN... the boys will perform a dikir barat... i hope that will be the best dikir barat ever in mjsc kuala kra...
lastly, i wanna say a big gud luck to my beloved batch for the pmr and I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH