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Friday, June 28, 2013


after being at the bust station for almost 4 hours, lastly my uncle came and pick me up. alhamdulillah theres nothing bad happen to me and amy:) thank Allah.
okay, let me tell you something that happen while i was in school before the holiday:
He gave me RM5. ohh,  i really touched with what he was doing. actually dear, i don't really like your ways of giving me money, but i really appreciate that. thanks to you. and now i really want to say that, i really don't want to meet you at school. you know what? everytime i see/meet/think about you, it just messed me up. so i hope, we both can focus on our study first and the most important thing now is to achieve success in Spm. we have a great battle to face and it is not easy to win. okay dear, that is my lovely advice to you. i do love you and i always miss you. we just leave all to Allah because Allah knows what the best for us right?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

feeling like buurrrrrrrr ^_^

hello dearies! seriously i'm not in a good mood now. even me don't know why i feel like everyone is neglecting me. i really feel down. even in my own house, i feel it's like weird. well, in scientific ways, it's maybe because of not stable in hormone. but, physically, i don't know how to describe it. okayy, let's forget of all probies and talk on something which is more fun and interesting. okayy, yesterday, he text me. guess who? the rugby boy. ohh, i'm very excited. hehe. just want to share with you all. a few days to the end of school breaks and i'm totally hate it. nothing much to say. just see my ugly face yaa!