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Saturday, October 20, 2012

two exciting story to share in one Title!

today is 20 October 2012:)- two Big Thing happens..
the First BIG thing is, my group won the Gold Award for the Acadrex competition at utp:) so, all our hardship before this has bring us success! thank to Allah.. Lastly, i can make my teachers proud of me.. and not to forgotten my Lovely mama and papa..

the Second Big thing is, The Red Warrior win in final match with Atm! the match was quiet fierce actually. but, with the professional player, Mat Yo and Indraputra, Kelantan manage to get 3 goals tonight! haha.. i'm verry happy.. congrats to Trw team:)

Friday, October 19, 2012


actually, i have nothing to say.. i post this anonymous thing because i am 100 percent boring right now'__' i'm feeling like eating actually but i have a sickness call "Lazy" to walk and buy food eventough the stall is just 1 meter from me:D yeah, i Love that kind of Sickness... haha... i'm really sorry for this nonsense post.. okay, just want to share something wiyh you guys... LOOK BELOW!


after waiting for almost 3 hours at chancellor complex, we had done for the judging session and just wait for the result:) hopefully, it can bring Rainbow for us! waiting to close our booth... hmm, tired but happy because everything runs smoothly.. tonight can relax, and have a happy night tonight and dont have to think on so many things! haha...


congrats kepada pasukan Red Warrior yang berjaya masuk final. emm, sdih bto.. time kelantan masuk final ni laa, aku xleh balik... tkpe, Red Warrior, teruskan perjuangan.. Saya sentiasa support Red Warrior. Che Mat, cover gol molep uh...

tiring but Exiting:)

19 October 2012
today is my second day at utp. me and yusra just doing preparation for tomorrow, Big Day! pray for us yaa! today was a little bit tiring than yesterday because we got so many things to do. but it was very exciting to explore the whole University... hmm, btw... a very lot of thank you to Mr. Hakim for accompanying us all day.. and not to forgotten also for the Mc D.. what a kind teacher.. so, hopefully we can make it for tomorrow presentation..
what we do today were:

  • setting up the booth..*11, the Lucky booth
  • decorating our place with blinkies and cloth!
  • arranging the stuff neatly
what we still need to do:
  • practice, practice And practice.*presentation
  • slide show,*in progress
  • try not to be Nervous
  • practice to avoid looking at the poster*my Very Big problem
what we hope:
  • we can be one of the best team.
  • we can make Mr. Hakim proud!
  • make Mrsm Kuala Krai proud with our success..

Thursday, October 18, 2012


18 october 2012!
hello everyone.. im proud to tell the whole world that today is my first baby step at university.. i really teribblely excited! haha.... well, not everyone get this kind of opportunity.. the place that i admire the most in utp is, their gorgeous and awesome big library... there are so many books, journal, encyclopedia and everything that u need... ohh, i wonder, when i will end my school... i really cant wait for that releasing moment. i really hope one day i can get a better result and i can go to university.... i'm really in love with university! haha