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Thursday, December 19, 2013


hye there, okay. harini kita tengok ea sape yang dapat spc and sape yang tak dapat. saya ni pun dok mennuggu result, but no matter what the result is kita perlulah terima dengan seadanya, kann? as for me, seriously tak berharap sangat pun dengan spc ni sebab result trial saya punn terukk sangat. hehe. nk buat makan pun tak cukupp sangat. namun, i still pray the very best to all my dear Fivers :) sayang korang sangat sangat. haha (walaupun takde kaitan, express feeling pagi pagi, buat lepas rindu la katakan)

okayy, kepada sape2 yang dapat tuu alhamdulillah. do take a good care of yourself at the new place and i hope you guys can get along to the surrounding and be sure to be nice :) kan semua kawan kawan saya ni baik baik. haha. bajet baik pulak. for those yang tak dapat, itsokay sayang. jangan kecewa. ingat, rezeki ada di mana mana. apa yang Allah tentukan adalah yang terbaik untuk kita and jangan rasa down. biasa laa tu kan, tak semestinya apa yang kita impikan tu, kita akn dapat. something happen for a reason guys :) no need to worries la, result spm kann ada lagi? hehe. okay, setakat tuu je kut. nanti dah tahu result, kita posting posting lagi pasal kawan kawan kita ea? hehe. penuh bersemanngat je post hari ni, panjang daripada biasa. haha. mimpi di siang hari ke apa kau ni melissa.

sebelum tuu, doa sikitt :
Ya Allah, kau berikanlah keputusan yang terbaik untuk kami semua ya Allah. tabahkanlah hati hati kami dan kurniakanlah kejayaan yang cemerlang kepada kami di dalam spm 2013. AMIN.


i'm feeling upset TONIGHT :( just no reason for that! but i'm seriously , tremendously FRUSTRATED WITH MYSELF. btw, tomorrow is the day for spc result. let just wait and see who can make it! hehe. that all. not having mood to typing this post. i think all the chaos is due to my period pain :/ it's totally awful.

Monday, December 16, 2013

an appreciation to you.

dear haters, i don't have any idea with what you are doing. btw, thanks because actually the problem you give make me more mature and bigger. i really hope that you will be granted with maturity because you are lack of maturity. its okay, i don't care if you want to blocked me from your facebook because i don't even bother myself to visit your timeline. plus, it is your right to hate me right? we are all ordinary and we can't expect and force everybody around to like us. people do make mistake. and i want to seek thousands of apologise from you if i had a big mistake. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

miss them.

seriously, i miss all my friends right now. the feeling just came, and lastly i ended up here to my blog and express everything here. ohh, i wish they will read this. THIS IS HOW I MISS YOU GUYS. JUST CANNOT SAY HOW.  i wish we could hang out together. have the chit chat and laugh again like how we used to have at school. A-1013 will be kept in my memory forever. the memories we created are just to sweet till i can't even get rid of it from my mind. but, it's okay. i just let it be there because me my  own do not want to loose you guys. even, you guys are not in front of my eyes, you guys are still there in my mind, right?


Friday, December 13, 2013

fever could be a really big problem.

seriously, i hate fever! it seems like the virus with their heart content slowly make  my body as a housing estate. omaigadd, so till when i will have fever? huhh. but, people said; whenever you get sick, your sin was erased bit by bit. relax melly, every presumption Allah given is not beyond our ability. you just need a little patient.

kenangan silam bersama Si Pencetus Masalah.

okay, here i want to share about a person who is also a troublemaker. even, she is the troublemaker, i still love her! hehe. we all love her. meet Nurul Afifi my forever troublemaker.

thank you :)

a really BIG thank you to Yusra Nina for the header. well, it so cute! people, yusra made me that cute header and i love it. hehe. :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

today's sum up.

hi there! i'm here just want to share everything that i go through today. last night, i sleep eventually at 7.00 a.m in the morning. i then woke up from my beauty sleep and dreams at about 3.00 p.m. then i take my lunch. thanks to mama for preparing a delicious Nasi Kerabu for us. then i take a bath. whoaa! so refreshing guys. then, i thought of having a nap for a while, but i have my clumsy sister amanda who forbid me to sleep. then, she ask me; "kakak, buleh buat bubur dok ko adik?" so, with a faint heart, i went to the kitchen and prepare some porridge for her. after that, at about 12 midnight, my parents just got home from their business ; selling satay and burger of course. then,i have my isya' prayer. then, i online my facebook and don't even have a sleep yet at this hour :) thats all. bye!

Monday, December 9, 2013


what should i say about the smile. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING FRIEND. a big appreciation to my friend for still remembering me. i'm so happy to be with you last night. well, nothing much to say i think. thats all, i'm going to sleep with happiness tonight. I LOVE YOU FRIEND.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


haha. feeling some kind of relief after spending my whole day today with playing games.people, i'm so boring to be home without nothing to do. well, i heard that tomorrow the result for spc will come out. but i cannot confirm the rumors. by the way, just wait and see. i'm a little bit nervous actually regarding the result. and i really hope my application is accepted and i can further my study at UNIVERSITY TEKNOLOGI PETRONAS (UTP). pray for me ya guys! hehe. hope can see Miyoe and Rafiq there! till then people, bye :)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

am i'm stupid?

hi! just asking for some opinion. am i'm stupid because waiting for something that i never know how it will end. okay, to be honest, i feel like i'm waiting for something that will never happen. ohh melly, why did you be so stupid? stop thinking about that person or you're going to drive yourself crazy. i'm totally blur right now. oh Allah, please help me getting rid of this nonsense. i hate myself. full stop. hey you, thank you for stepping in my life. fyi, i will never forget you but forgetting me is your right. okay, melly; say GOODBYE! lalala.. DO YOU KNOW HOW HURT I AM TO FEEL THIS JUST BECAUSE OF YOU? ohh, seriously why do you keep stuck in my mind? aku ni bodohkan sbab masih lagi pikir pasal org yang tak pernah kisah pasal aku. alahai hati, kenapa kau ni baik sangat ea? daripada aku emosi tak tentu pasal, baik aku blah, tido lagi best kot dari pikir pasal sume ni. okayy, tapi aku harap kau tak muncul dalam mimpi aku. tapi, apa salahnya? boleh aku tumbuk kau! haha. ni da kira geram sangat laa ni. okayy, nampak tak gambar apa kat bawah tu? AKU SEDIH LA WEII. haha.

all about my sweethearts :*

hi there people! okay, today i would like to share with you guys about my sweethearts. we have been through thick and thin together for almost five years. my life is happy and i do feel secure in mrsm kuala krai because i have them who always be there for me. sometimes, we have to be aware to put someone in our heart, but i believe all of my girlfriends that they will never betray me. we used to be enemies but after all we still be best friends and stick together. i love them and i swear that my love towards them will never fade. i really hope that our bonds will remain until our last breath. dear friend, take care and face everything with an open heart. i may not be with you out there, but i will always locked in your heart.

Friday, December 6, 2013

missing a piece of my heart.

hye :( it hurts to be missing even a piece from your heart right? now, i really feel the pain of missing not just one but a lot of my heart. i miss my friends and everything related to the school. i feel the sorrow everyday and i just don't have any idea on how to get rid this uncomfortable feelings. huhh..  and even worst, i do feel missing for somebody. i want to text him but i'm afraid if i do not get a reply. it will make me more sad then. ohh, please. i want him to know that i miss him so much. what do i do now people?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

the end of the war; Spm.

assalamualaikum. percaya atau tidak? Spm baru je habis and secara rasminya, no more school related things lepas ni. everything seem to be new to me and friends. we are hoping to achieve a great result for spm. do pray for us okayy. dah lama tak posting2 dalam blog ni. berhabukk sudaa. hehe. meh sini nak story2 yang sedih sikitt, actually melly dilanda rindu yang tak tertahan kat kawan2 :( it such a shit to be apart from them. well, we've been through thick and thin for almost two years to face the great war of spm. mane tak rindu kan? especially, classmate yang memang banyak memberi support plus attitude mereka yang 'matang' sangat2 tuu. haishh, sampai bila laa sume ni nak berakhir. i really hope yang kiteorang takkan pernah putus contact sampai bila2. melly ada apply utk continue study kat UTP. pray for me okay guys:) i think, dah takde topik nak cerita, nt melly post lagi banyak2 . till then, bye:)