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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

still waiting

im still waiting for your text to show up in my phone. but, look like my phone is hurting me again! there's still not even a single text from you. why? please answer me , why you stop texting me? do you know how much i miss you. i wish you know it because i mean it. please, don't break my heart slow. i am FUCKING missing you. huhh, i wonder, why is it always me to face this kind of BIGGIES? Melissa Juliana, do you realize that you have a great battle to settle up in a few more month? stop thinking of things that messed you up. be strong. dear, if you already stepping your feet out of my life, please; don't you ever dare to come again because i'm afraid that i'll repeat the same mistakes. i never regret of loving and missing you. i just afraid if it's hard to forget you like what i'm trying now. you're still be one of my love.

 Tuya said; melly, don't be upset, he is the one who should be upset. i asked her;why? she answer; because he had loose the one that really loves him.
#okay tuya. i'll try to stick up on your advice even though i don't know if i can.


whoaaa! i'm here; proudly to say that i already finish my homework. haha.. there's nothing to say actually, btw enjoy this pictures of mine.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I still loves you

just now, is about my boy friend. now, it's about my GirlFriends. Nurputri Attieshah and Izzah Nur Faqihah. dear, i miss you when we are together. why you both change at the time when we are soon will be far apart. where are my old izzah and tchak who always be with me? you left me and ignores me. even though, i'm showing that i miss you and i ignores you, deep down in my heart you're still there. i miss you friend. if we're not meant to be friends, it's okay. i hope you'll be happy with your new friends.

nonsense but...

hello people? how are you feeling today? as for me, im not feeling good, i really messed up. do you still remember about a friend that i used to told in my previous post? i really miss him and everyday i keep on checking my cellphones because im waiting for his text. unfortunately, whenever i checked my cellphone, it just make me dissapoint.

there's no text from him. i really miss my past time when he always text me. everytime. but now, it's nothing. in school we are not like before. when we meet, we ignore each other. hmmm... i really hope that we can be like before coz i really miss it. freind, please come back to me. be my friend again. be my amour and be the one who make me smile. im missing you badly. please hear me deeply because i really mean it.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

happy holiday:)

sekarang ni, i'm having my holiday for a week:p takk cukup rasanya cuti seminggu. cehh, cakap macam laa tak kene ambik exam tahun ni. sabar laa cik melly oii, berapa bulan lagi dah you're gonna end your schooling years! yeah.. struggle for Spm.. hmm, act theres nothing much to say. btw, alang2 dah meletihkan jemari ni menaip, meh laa nak share a sad story of mine. hehe. always the sad story kann? happy story tak nak share laa pulak! ye laa, dah time happy tu tak sempat nak igt kat blog langsung... hehehe.. SAYA RINDU DIA. Kecewa rasanya bila saya dah tahu dia langsung tak ingat kat saya:( tuya selalu cakap, sabar laa melly. dia yang patut sedih sebab dah hilang orang yang betul2 sayang dia. masalahnya, dia taktahu pon aku sayang dia. haishh, kawan...kawan... aku harap kau tahu yang aku sayang kau. why this friendship end with no fullstop? haishhh, pening otak aku bila ingat passal nie.. dah laa.. takde mood tiba2. bye ^_^

Saturday, March 16, 2013

i miss the old you.,

friend, how i miss the old you who used to make me;smile whenever i feel im not belong. make me laugh when im about to cry. make me feel like im belong.think that i have a friend that loves and care about me. you always be there for me when no one else does not even care about me.  i am missing you badly when you say that you miss me and you love me. why you take your step when im started to love you More? where is you that i used to know? you are totally different now.
 please come back to me! i want my friend back! why i always had to face such a very painful things in my life? i always been neglect by people i love. dear friend. i hope you can hear me deeply because i really mean it. tomorrow, is your birthday and i wish all the best for you. i will never stop loving and missing you. you will always be there; deep down in my heart. if i am not meant to be your true friend so i hope you can find someone else who can take a good care of you.