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Sunday, December 16, 2012

:( probieee + sweeties :)

assalamualaikum semua.. hari ni, melly want to share a sad story to you guys., emm, why am i always being tested with this kind of things? sedihnya hidup aku. aku sayang semua kawan2 aku, tapi kenapa kawan aku buat aku macam ni? apa masalah dia? as long as i know, i never done anything towards her, but why is she doing such things to me? hmm, is this a fate that she no longer want to be my friend? is this is the fate, i'll accept it but no matter what happen, i still love her. adoii, datang upm nak enjoy, tapi dah jadi macam ni, hilang mood aku laa F**k.. hmmm:(
now, it comes the Happy Story of mine;
shooting video is nearly done, tapi tiba2 Hezza kena balik rumah pulak disebabkan personal problem. hmm, kekurangan laa sorang ahli group melly! btw, i hope the best for us! hari hari melly kat upm, i really enjoy it. haha. kenapa ayat berbelit gila ni? melly pon pening ngan diri sendiri. nanti esok, melly citer lagi banyak2 k!
setakat ni saja buat hari ni, tangan dah kelu ngan kata2. bubbye everyone!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


keletihan tahap cipan hari ni. balik je dari kelas,terus sambung ngan NUMERO yang entah pape tuu.. sekarang baru sampai kat bilik. ahh, sial betol.. sedih laa pulak bila fikir balik pasal nak balik dalam masa 9 days ni. aiyoo, im gonna moss you guys so much. serious aku taklehh lupa moment yang great gilaa ni! haha.ayat pon entah pape dah ni. got to go now people, bubbye:)

Saturday, December 8, 2012


today, we have a magic show need to be done. all this super awesome programme was organized by prof. jayakaran. ohh, he is a very super easy going person. everybody was very supporting. ohh! i really love all those memory and surely im gonna miss it. now, we are in progress of shooting our third video project. wish us the best of luck yaa! bye:)

Friday, December 7, 2012


it has been two week im at Upm and everythimg here is awesomely great! together with my 40 chums, aww.... i love them. studying at Els also great. the teacher are all lovely! theres so many things we need to do. eventhough it is tiring but we really enjoy it! people, i am already Sixteen now and im Glad with it.. haha. actually nothing much more to say bcoz im alreadyout of words. btw, im going to sleep now! Nonyte everyone. Loveyou:)