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Friday, May 31, 2013

family gathering :)

okay,tonight we have a family gathering. one big family together:) tonight is my mama punya side. next week, maybe papa pulak kot. hehe. btw, happy sangat malam ni sebab sume orang happy. plus, abang didi bawak balik student dia. form 5 jugak siot. ada sorang tuu handsome sangat. aisehh! jatuh hati ke puak. hehe. takde laa, saje je acah. so, it really worth it even it is quite tiring. huhh ^_^ okay, sekarang nak pgi mandi. titptop laa. hehe. bye. goodnight little blogeger. muahhhhhhh :*

Monday, May 27, 2013

home sweet home :)

lastly, i reached home after having an uncomfortable sleep on Cityliner bus! i'm so tired, there are so many people on the bus and it is fully packed. fortunately, i manage to get a sit after battling with a million people to get on the bus. having a great experience today; drinks Air Batu Jagung (ABJ). hahaha, serious taktahu nak cakap apa lagi. excited sangat boleh sampai rumah. okay laa, nanti kalau ada apa2 lagi, i'll post:) bubbye lovely!
by the way; i miss the Rugbian's. play safe yaa! good luck to you.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

the busy bodiers :p

serious i don't like those who keep on busy body about other people business. hey, what the Fuck are you thinking? i don't mind all about you so why you keep busy body on mines? stop from being like villagers, you are just wasting your time. you are a kind of people who do not realize your own mistakes. "bajet perfect". Bitch laa! if you think that you are good enough, so you don't have to messed your head for other people then. huhh,menambahkan dosa aku je kau ni perempuan. serious aku benci kau! kau kata aku yang sibuk pasal kau, tapi kau tuu yang sebenarnya ambik tahu pasal aku. dasar perempuan gila!

Friday, May 17, 2013

truth can make people cry.

hmm, i hurt a lot when i know that i have to accept a very terrible truth. when it come to hard situation like this, i started to think, why it always me who have to face this kind of terrible things. please, stop. i have go through so many things in my life since i stepped in secondary school. mama, i really need to go home. being stuck in school and seeing the face that could hurt me is not interesting at all. it just drive me crazy and messed up all the time. i hate that people. you make fool of me with all your fool promises. what you said; friend forever? and i know; we will never be. huhh, why i know you? hmm, the real fact is i miss you a lot. why you just don't go and stop appeared in my life? that is what i can relate with my title, truth can make people cry.
 So, this is an advice from me; do not put a high trust on people . 

first week exam + kecelaruan :/

ya allah, betapa tak susahnya exam yang dah dilalui olehku minggu lepas. another one week to go through this 'easy examination'. haiiyaa, rasanya macam dah takde peluang nak capai target for this semester. :( sedihnyaa. mama, papa, i'm very sorry. tapi salah adik jgk sebab tak study. ya allah, engkau berilah kesedaran kepada makhluk ini supaya dia sedar yang dia nak Spm tahun ni.

habis cerita pasal exam; now let's proceed with kecelaruan punya cerita pulak.
papa dah tipu adik! betapa sakitnya hati ini bila tahu papa saya yang sentiasa sihat tiba tiba jatuh sakit. semua ni sebab manusia yang tak bertanggungjawab and tak reti bahasa melayu.  mama, tolonglah jangan jadi hamba abdi kat rumah orang. i really don't like when people treat my parent like a servant. eh tolonglaa, mu ingat nenek tuu duduk rumah mu so mu dah lepas tanggungjawab atas dia! sorry bro, dia tuu pun mok mu jugak. sedar laa ckitt. mu dok pikir pasal letih mu, mama ngan papa aku punya letih mu tak pikir ko? tengokkla balasan atas diri orang yang selfish macam mu tu. aku tak kisah mu tu mok sedaro aku ko, kalu mu sendiri tok reti nak hormat mok mu, mu jangan harap orang lain boleh hormat mu. I Hate you!! sedar laa diri. sorry sangat kalau aku kurang ajar, but you deserve it! so terima je laa.

Friday, May 10, 2013

OMGucci, it's History.

in the late night studying History? can you guys imagine? but, I still have to go on because i want to score in History. Dear Allah, please help me and guide me to the right path. Avoid all the negative things from affecting my life. I really hope that I can score excellently for this semester. and; I also hope that I can be better that I used to be before. Melly, stop thinking about anything that messed you up. Focus on your becoming Great Battle. Actually, when i take a step back and think, there are still many things that I need to cover. ohh, I hope that everything will be okay and run Smoothly. Yeahh!! I really can't wait that moment to end all this sweet nightmare. haha. good night everyone!

becoming a Mother:)

haha. tittle post pon nampak macam bajet je kann? btw, hari ni di pagi hari lagi, hidup aku dimulakan dengan bala:( mana takknya,  bangun lewat and kena denda dengan warden. well, it's not a really punishment, cubit cubit sayangg je. haha. tengahari tadi, amy ajak kteorang pegi rumah cg, so aku dan tuya tak melapaskan pelung keemasan ni. haha. Ya Allah jahatnya aku! semata mata taknak pegi surau, rela datang rumah cg. hahaha.. well, it;s good actually because i can practice to be a good mother soon. haha. believe it or not, Melissa Juliana, fifi and amy masuk dapur and cooking for their friends? haha. best sangat hari ni. it feels like we are in university. ohh, how i can't wait for that moment to come in my life. be patient Melly, just a few month to go. woohoo! but, i don't want to end my school yet coz everything happen were just too sweet and i love it even sometimes, i feel like fucking everyone. haha. i need to leave now yaa my dear blog! happy reading!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

13th General Election.

lastly, decission had been made. im not going back to college today but tomorrow. so i have another one day to be spent home. yaeyy!! haha.

put a smile on your face:)

after a long time i haven't create any conversation with him, last night, guess what people? i try to send a chat message to him. so nervous while waiting him to reply my chat. i almost frustrated but lastly he replied it! yeayy:) so do you think i should PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE  for that reason?i really miss him by the way.  try to imagine something happen out of sudden, what would you feel? haha, forget it. btw, i'm so happy! thanks ya for reading my babbling post!