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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

uniten, please not giving up .

assalamualaikum :) test is just around the corner . can you just imagine , a month studying for 4 chapter physics , 2 chapter calculus and MUET test ? huhh, I'm not believe in myself that I've been through all those nonsense . haha .im hoping for the best in the upcoming test , wish me luck . and I really hope that I will take some actions in order to make my dream comes true . and I really can't wait to go home next Wednesday . for spm results of course .

I'm pretty sure that is a good introduction right ? well, this is what I'm going tell . . it's been a month since im studying and staying here in UNITEN . I don't think that I can suit myself well here. its like everything went wrong . well, it's not about the study thing,  but its about surrounding and people around me .I keep on thinking what people see on me . I hope that they're all comfortable with me and accept me for who I am . hehe ~  yes, it doesn't matter what people thought and just be ourselves right ? and I hope, please my everyday would be better. in sha Allah .

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